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Welcome to Baumann's Brookside

The Schreiber Family welcomes you to Baumann’s Brookside summer resort, the perfect location for your special vacation or family reunion, located in the beautiful mountains of the Northern Catskills . Celebrating over 93 years in business, 4th generation hosts serving 4th generation guests.

Come experience a little bit of nostalgia with all inclusive family meals, rolling lawns and plenty of fun activities. Spend the evening in front of a crackling fire pit, dance the night away with our DJ, or star gaze with the kids.

Come and see all the great things that we have to offer you here at Brookside. On this site, you can find out about all of our activities, attractions, vacation packages, Spring and Fall weekends, all you can eat home cooked food and so much more. So take a look around and we hope to see you soon.

Congratulations to our Baumann’s Family Tree Contest winners!

Coleen Hagan Edwards


I used to roll my eyes when my father would say, “We’ve been coming to Baumann’s since 1949”. It sounded like he and his family came in the Dark Ages! My grandparents, Andrew and Catherine Hagan came to Baumann’s with their two children Audrey and my father Vinnie. Audrey married Ed and they came a few times, but it was my Dad who came more often. He would even come when he got a weekend off from the Army a few times! I have a photo somewhere of my Grandfather and Dad dressed as women for a contest Baumann’s held for their guests. What a sight! Eventually he married my mom Arlene and they had me (Coleen).

I can remember being of elementary school age, and riding all over Baumann’s property on a white golf cart with Russ Baumann (Carol’s Dad). I also remember the women wearing long dresses to the dances. I learned the Alley Cat at Baumann’s from Marge Smith and her friend Josie. I also loved hearing the song Florida coming from the jukebox in the “Casino” aka Rec. Hall very early in the mornings. I liked that song so much that I recorded it on a cassette and played it on the way to Baumann’s every year.

I eventually married Tom, and three weeks after we got married, we, along with my parents and their friends, drove to Baumann’s during Hurricane Gloria. Then we had kids (Cathleen and Kerry) and brought them to Baumann’s and they loved it! They even loved going to Baumann’s more than going to Disney! When they were younger, they would always race to the Dining Hall to be the first one in, just like I would do when I was their age.

That’s the great thing about Baumann’s; everything stays the same, which makes it feel like your home away from home. That’s one of the reasons people keep coming back; it’s clean, safe, relaxing, has good food and of course, great people. So this year my daughter will be bringing her son Matthew to Baumann’s making him the fifth generation from our family to vacation at Baumann’s. That just speaks for itself. Baumann’s holds a very special place in our family’s heart and in the hearts of many other families as well. We have had many friends and family join us over the years to see what a great place Baumann’s is and why our family has been going there for 65 years.

Marge Baum

family reunion.jpeg

This is our story. To try to figure out when the Paulson Family members started coming to Baumann’s I had to begin at the beginning. If my Dad Charlie Paulson was alive today he would be up their in the late 90’s. His sister Mildred Beinert was very good friends with Mae & Dick Schreiber and they and all their friends would go to Baumann’s for weekend stays. They all came from Glendale, New York.

So what we did as young teenagers was to give our father Charlie a gift certificate for Father’s Day to spend a weekend up at Baumann’s with his good friend Beanie. And so they did and they would go to Saratoga and have a great time. Well we all decided that it was time for us to experience Baumann’s so we began to come up for a weekend each year the end of June as soon as school ended and for as long as I can remember since I was are 17yrs old and I am 62 now we have been going to Baumann’s every year since.

I am happy and proud to be one of the 15 Paulson Angels and every year as many as could make it went to Baumann’s every year. We switched from long weekends to a full week, when we kind of take over the place considering I was one of 15 children of Ann and Charles Paulson and I now have over 36 nieces and nephews and almost just as many great nieces and nephews. My three children all grew up going to Baumann’s as little babies graduating from the South Annex to the pool motel. There have been so many wonderful memories made here.

People come and go but the wonderful memories of growing up at Baumann’s is embedded in their hearts forever. My kids would rather go to Baumann’s every year then Disney World. It is were they transformed from infants to children to adults and most of them are parents themselves now bringing their children every year to recreate the memories of their childhood. In a world today where you need to keep a good eye on your children wherever you go, Baumann’s was a safe haven in the beautiful Catskills, were all were safe from the early morning hours to the wee hours of the night. I could go on and on but my Family Tree connection goes so deep with the Schreiber Family who have been wonderful friends over the years and you can not put a price on all the memories they have given my family over the years.

We will toast again this June those who have left us and all the great memories they have carved into this Family Tree of ours, never to be forgotten. Thank You Carol, Richie, Rosemary and Courtney for putting up with my crazy family, you had to put up with so much and you still kept inviting us back home again. Home that is what it is to the Paulson’s our summer home away from home. You are and always will be our extended beloved family.